Monday, April 11, 2011

No goal, no golf and no glory

Well, it nearly didn't happen. If we hadn't gone away for the weekend with self confessed golf tragics who got up at 5am to watch the US Masters I wouldn't have 'got it'. While I have often joked about my love of elite sport as the 'best athlete never to play the game', I didn't know a game of golf; playing for a jacket you'd have to give back afterwards, could be so enthralling. Of course my observations were more professional than personal as I contemplated the emotional intelligence of the two young Aussies players who almost pulled off outstanding victories. It was breathtaking to witness Adam Scott and Jason Day possess such emotional intelligence or mental toughness to take on the world's best (including Tiger in a spectacular return to form on Day Four). Perhaps it is a combination of temperament, upbringing, self belief borne of much talent, great mentorship, or even the love and security brought by their respective partners. One thing they did not have was a whole lot of experience to draw on in those moments of truth. On Day Three Jason Day told a journalist he "was just there to have fun".

How much can we achieve when we combine 1) choosing our attitude, with 2) doing our ten thousand hours (a la Malcolm Gladwell) to get really good and 3) living in the moment rather than stress about the next hole on the course or berate ourselves internally because we missed the last putt. There is no doubt those guys think they can win and self belief counts for a lot. They are so young and time is on their side. They have decades to become virtuosos and reap the rewards.

A lot of my clients lately have been at a crossroads and pondering both the past and the future. We can't choose what's happened. But we can choose what we do next.

Choose your attitude. Get great at what you do. Savour the moment and see your life blossom. Bring on your Masters Tournament!

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