Thursday, September 17, 2009

Demanding justice or playing the system?

A young muslim woman in the UK has just been awarded $6000 for being told she had to wear a figure hugging dress to wait in an English bar over summer when the men were not asked to change their uniforms for summer and were able to dress modestly in dark clothes. It was determined the insistence that the women comply with the bar’s “dress code” was “gender specific” and “hostile”. However the article also made mention of a photo taken of the smiling claimant in a “revealing white top” on social networking website Facebook. The clear implication was that the case may have smacked of double standards and opportunism. What are your thoughts? Did the bar violate her dignity and create a “humiliating” environment? Does she have the right to object about the uniform yet choose in her own time to dress according to her own choice?