Monday, October 31, 2011

The Race that Stops (some of) a Nation

Many of us saw the business survey last week that said Aussies work long hours to the detriment of work-life balance, quality of relationships and health, yet productivity is low. We are a bunch of 'hard- working' (read as 'long working') time wasters. Think of all the meetings we attend that people freely admit produce poor outcomes!

We also blog about deplorable customer service in this country but we'll knock companies prepared to stand up and say "We're paying you to work". Optus has issued strict instructions to NSW staff to watch the Melbourne Cup tomorrow and return to work immediately after. You can call it "un-Australian" but being Australian doesn't have to mean lazy, unresponsive to customers and any excuse will do. Poor productivity costs us billions of dollars a year and in some companies people get paid overtime at a premium for work that could be done during business hours which would keep costs down and profits up.
It's a horse race, not a moon landing and watching the race might surely be enough if we didn't think it was important enough to take the day off and (attempt to) fly down to Melbourne for!
For those companies putting time and money into Melbourne Cup festivities as a morale booster or team builder, all credit to them but hopefully their people realise this is a choice, not a right and that they otherwise really engage when there is work to do.