Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Leicester the losers - but not any more

I can hear the comments now. You couldn't write a script better than this one. The most extraordinary comeback in the history of sport. Ever. They've worked out the odds. 1000 times less likely than Essendon winning this year's flag.

How does an English premiership team facing relegation at the end of 2015 get up the next year with a brand new coach and win the league?

All the high performance keys some of us have been carrying on about for years (if not decades) seem to have helped.

*True intent (not wishful thinking)
* Commitment to being a team (they did not have marquis players like Chelsea or Man United)
*Shared goals
*Role clarity
*A (blooming) good strategy

And presumably a good coach. But guess what? He was sacked from 6 other Clubs over his career prior to taking over Leicester City. No one rated them to do anything. But it appears no-one told the Club that.

You know what? On second thoughts, you're right! They couldn't have written a script better than this one.